We Believe in the Power of Games

Gamifi co-develops educational courses with instructors.

Gamifi with Mayor Watson!

City of Ottawa’s kind recognition of Mental Health Awareness Project at the City of Ottawa Council.

We develop simple, elegant interactions for intuitive learning.

By breaking down courses into their core elements, using multimedia communication techniques, and adding a layer of gamification, we create natural learning experiences for students.


Design & Development

We offer design and development services for mobile and web application creation.

Multimedia Courses

We offer consultation services to develop interactive, multimedia courses from your existing content.


We offer gamification services to immerse students in courses that are easy to learn.


Below are the projects we’ve completed with our clients!

Virtual World Tutorials and UX Testing

We developed video tutorials and manuals about using immersive 3D virtual worlds for 3D Virtual Crafting. Gamifi also conducted UX testing and consultation for virtual world modifications.

IRCC’s Start-Up Visa Pilot

A joint collaboration between the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Gamifi Inc.. Gamifi created an animated video presenting the IRCC’s 3-year review of Start-Up Visa Pilot – to attract talented foreign entrepreneurs to immigrate to Canada! Below are few scenes from the description video:

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace was a joint collaboration between the City of Ottawa and Gamifi Inc. Gamifi created French and English modules with descriptive whiteboard animation videos and interactive questionnaires! See the video’s on Gamifi’s YouTube channel in French or English.

School of Industrial Design

Learning technical information about types of plastic can be challenging for design students. Gamifi is developing online comic strips with School of Industrial Design for both the course content and the quizzes. This story about an alien plastic design competition presents the course content to students through visual demonstrations and storytelling!

Overture Project

Gamifi is implementing Overture Project’s ASAP Website Creation Workshop into the Genius Bee online learning platform. ASAP workshop is a 2 day workshop to build a website from scratch, revamp an existing one, or simply learn WordPress. Gamifi will create and implement engaging learning content online utilizing the interactive tools in the Genius Bee, such as embedding videos, images, and questionnaires.

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We are a team of enthusiastic designers and developers. At Gamifi, we believe that learning should be an energetic experience that feels natural and fun. If you have an opportunity that you think would benefit from our service, don’t be afraid to say hello!

Isinsu Sakalli

Isinsu Sakalli

Co-Founder & Operations Director


+1 613 408 3316

Isinsu takes care of the operations of Gamifi and is responsible for project management and procurement. She is the gamification specialist at Gamifi, which leverages her years of experience with virtual collaboration environments.

Gamifi Inc. Headquarters

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Gamifi Inc. Headquarters

Gamifi Inc. (Carleton University Office)


Gamifi consists of students and educators who recognized that there is a growing opportunity to make learning more intuitive and natural for students. Gamifi is an early-stage technology startup which was founded in April 2015.


Our web and mobile courses are developed in collaboration with educators to ensure content is seamlessly integrated with their existing course.


If you have an opportunity that you think would benefit from our service, don’t be afraid to say hello!